Parks and Open Spaces

The Little Missenden Parish Council policy on play areas is:

  • to provide, where possible, conventional play areas to enable every opportunity for children to play
  • to ensure the Parish play facilities comply with all the appropriate British Standards
  • to minimise the risk of accidents and help provide a safer environment for children to enjoy play, and
  • to monitor, assess and review design, installation and layout of the play areas and investigate and take note of new research into safety standards and be aware that accidents in playgrounds arise from many causes.



The Parish Council has six play areas which are spread across the Parish. Each is designed based on the surrounding population, for example, the sites at Holmer Green and Little Kingshill are much larger both in physical size and the range of play equipment installed.

RosPA Report

All our play areas were inspected by RosPA on 8th May 2019.  The resulting reports from the inspection showed that the play areas are all in good condition and with no defects, this is an excellent report and reflects the large amount of time, effort and work that has been spent on the areas.

  • Holmer Green – The Common
  • Hyde Heath – The Common
  • Little Kingshill  – Windsor Lane
  • Little Kingshill – Meadow Cottages
  • Little Missenden – Village Centre
  • Little Missenden – Pipers Wood
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The Parish play equipment ranges from traditional slides and roundabouts to multi-play equipment designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and most of all have fun.

The sites are monitored weekly by the Parish Council and inspected annually by the outside body RoSPA to ensure the areas are safe and maintained.

Over the coming years Little Missenden Parish Council will be investing in play areas with the goal of increasing the enjoyment of children together with their wellbeing and safety. This will include both improved safety play surfaces and equipment.

When choosing new equipment the Parish Council seeks the opinion of those who use it – the children themselves.

Recreation Areas are located at The Commons in Holmer Green and Hyde Heath, at Windsor Lane, Little Kingshill and in the Village Centre at Little Missenden .

Please note that golf; kite and drone flying near overhead power lines is not allowed.