Hyde Heath

Hyde Heath is situated on the top of the Chiltern Hills and is located between the towns of Amersham and Chesham.

In the early 1900’s Hyde Heath had only a few houses which were mostly occupied by the local farm workers, although it did have three pubs, two shops, a church and school. There is only one pub remaining, The Plough.

Locally plums and cherries were grown in orchards and canned in the village. During the Second WW the women of the W.I. were kept busy making jam. In 1940 the Queen Mother visited Hyde Heath as part of her tour of the villages. The site of the orchards has now been taken over by houses boosting the total of houses in the village to around 450.

The village hall was erected in memory of the fallen in WW1 and was the focus for the social events in the village. It is now called the Memorial Hall and after some extension work houses the Village shop. It is the hub of the village with many social events throughout the year bringing the villagers together.

The common has a cricket pavilion and a children’s play area. During the summer cricket can be seen on most Sundays. Every May the common is host to the annual Village Fete, which is well known for the classic cars on show.

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