Present Councillors

Below are the details of the present Parish Council Members.

Little Missenden and Little Kingshill Ward

Jeffrey Dominy
Chairman, LAF Representative
West Barn
Little Missenden
01494 864710
Nicholas Vigart
Vice Chairman and Chairman of Finance
The Firs, Hare Lane
Little Kingshill
HP16 0EF
01494 863160

Leslie Giles
Chairman of Planning
28 New Road
Little Kingshill
HP16 0EZ
01494 863109

Holmer Green Ward

Jane Fallon
LAF Representative and Youth Representative
20 The Larches
Holmer Green
HP15 6TG
01494 713057
Peter Rawbone
Chairman Rossetti Hall Committee
1 Hollyberry Grove
Holmer Green
HP15 6XB
01494 713649
Sandra Geraghty
Vice Chairman of Finance and Rossetti Hall Representative
28 Sheepcote Dell Road
Holmer Green
HP15 6TL
01494 717663
Rita Whitten
Vice Chairman of Planning
Holly Lodge
Alice Close, Holmer Green
01494 711929
Walid Marzouk
Cherry Tree Cottage
Weedon Hill, Hyde Heath
01494 776656
Gerry Spiller
Vice Chairman of Open Spaces and Rossetti Hall Representative
8 Weathercock Gardens
Holmer Green
HP15 6TA
01494 713739
Ruth Werbiski
NAG Representative
4 Glebe Close
Holmer Green
HP15 6UY
01494 714523

Hyde Heath Ward

Herbert Daniel Baker
17 Walnut Way
Hyde Heath
01494 776188
Stephen David Burke
Chairman of Open Spaces
High Tor, Chalk Lane
Hyde Heath
01494 774277

The relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulation 2012 made under s.30(3) of the Localism Act 2011 took effect on 1 July 2012. This Act requires that each Council Member registers their Interests with the District Monitoring Office and that they are published on the Parish Councils website.

The Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (Register of Interest) for each Council Member can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate Council Members name.